Toronto Women’s Expo

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Mar 212017

Toronto Women’s Expo

This year we decided to rejoin the Toronto Women’s Expo, on Wednesday, March 29 at Paradise Banquet Hall.  7601 Jane St. in Vaughan, Ontario.

This show is a Business-to-Business (B2B) event for women to make contacts with women and mostly by women.  Open Door Windows and Doors Inc. is proud to join the Toronto Women’s Expo again this year as an exhibitor displaying our lines of Basement Egress Windows, Basement Window Vinyl Wells, Basement Egress Escape Steps and for the first time in Canada we will be displaying our Basement Window Well Covers.

Come visit us there to see our display of actual Wells, Steps, Covers and more.  We will also have more information about every product in our lineup and we will be happy to discuss any questions that anyone has about our company and product lines.

Vinyl Window Wells

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Jan 242016

Light Wells by Vinyl Window Wells

After some research and effort, we’ve managed to bring Light Wells by Vinyl Window Wells to Canada.

Good news for everyone in Canada who’s wanted something other then a traditional Steel Window Well for their Egress and/or Basement Windows, there is another option.  We’ve acquired the rights to bring to all of Canada, Light Wells by Vinyl Window Wells.  This will be the first time that Light Wells will be available in Canada commercially and in quantity.

Bringing Vinyl Window Wells to Canada

We are now the exclusive Canadian distributor of Light Wells and are able to install them, wholesale them to other window companies and also sell them to the public as Cash & Carry.

Full details on our Vinyl Window Wells page and images are available in our Vinyl Window Wells Gallery.

The advantages of Vinyl Window Wells

In Canada, the traditional Basement Window or Egress Window has a Steel Window Well.  While it is almost always necessary to have a Window Well, it has been the lack of options for the types of Window Wells that often drives people to get the Steel Window Well that everyone has, even though Vinyl Window Wells have a few advantages.

A better look

While most Steel Window Wells are a corrugated steel bent into the shape and size you need this gives you the structure and look of a Steel form.  Light Wells by Vinyl Window Wells are made from Vinyl and not Steel, so they can better match your style.

More light

Typically a Window Well is used when you have a window below the ground level and for various reasons and most people assume that this means it will help you to bring more light into your basement.  While Steel Window Wells do help to create the opening they don’t specifically help bring in more light.  Light Wells on the other hand actually help to increase the amount of light coming into your basement through the Window Well.

More Details

For further details please Email us at or fill out the Contact Form to the side and we’ll be happy to provide you with everything. fixed

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May 072013 fixed

We have fixed all the links and images we could find broken from the switch over and the site should be fully working now.

While going through and fixing it though, it dawned on my how many different types of windows can be made in the Classic Design Style.

Everything from a Double Slider Lift Out to a Single Hung Tilt can be done and even combines with a Slim Fixed Casement in order to create unique combinations for your home which can compliment the rest of the design and really bring out the beauty of a home all while helping to keep heating/cooling costs down by being thermal and allowing plenty of light in without the UV; thanks to Low E Argon; so you don’t need to use inside lights as much saving you even more.

With the combination of all these choices, our prices, our warranty, our commitment to get the job done right, and the housing market starting to turn around, I’m amazed more people are not starting to investe in their homes again before the market gets hot again.

Full Process

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May 042013

Full Process

With our New Web Site up and running, it now becomes overly important that we fix it so it becomes easy for everyone to browse through and find what they are looking for, and there is a Full Process, for this that we are following.

So now comes the painstaking process of going through the entire site and checking every single link and image for anything that’s broken from the switch.

So if you see any broken links or images feel free to let us know, but please keep in mind that we are still going through and fixing it and this may take us a bit of time.  We do know about it and appreciated everyone’s patience.


Open Door Admin

New Web Site

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May 032013

New Web Site

New Web Site

We’ve managed to get our New Web Site up and running finally.  It has been a few months in the works but we think you will all enjoy it better.

We are hoping to get more content about each type of Window and Door we offer now that we are actually listing each type that we offer.  We will also be looking for more pictures of projects we have done to upload to our Galleries, so you can see first what kind of work we offer.

The full site link can be found here: