Vinyl Window Wells


Vinyl Window Wells are in Canada !!

We at Open Door Windows and Doors Inc. have brought Vinyl Window Wells to Canada !!!

Vinyl Window Wells

After many requests for something other then Corrugated Steel to line our window wells, we have found the best option for those who want a less metallic look or simply want more natural light in their basements, Light Wells are by far the best option.

  • They won’t rust.
  • They increase the amount of natural light brought into your basement.
  • They don’t look like metal, because they aren’t metal.  They’re made from high quality Vinyl.

Who makes Vinyl Window Wells and who sells them?

These wells are made by Vinyl Window Wells, in the USA and we are the official Dealer of Light Wells in Canada.  We are selling Vinyl Window Wells to wholesale (i.e. Dealers, Contractors, other window companies, etc…) and for retail to the public for personal installation.

Why Vinyl Window Wells?Vinyl Window Wells

These window wells are built with a modular construction that allows us to build it into any size needed.  The wells are assembled and then inserted into the ground and connected to the basement wall to hold it in place for years to come.

The white shiny vinyl window well reflects more sunlight into the basement and brightens up each room.  This allows for enough light to give the impression of an upper floor.

Another advantage of our vinyl wells is that they are missing the corrugated metal look that makes people feel like they are below ground.  When you look out the window and see a bright white you feel more like you are on an upper floor of your house.

What makes our Vinyl Window Wells better?

In other words, why did we choose these Light Wells by Vinyl Window Wells to brinVinyl Window Wellg to Canada?

All other vinyl window wells need a soft core of gravel around them and only then the ground.  Ours can be filled with ground right up to the well walls without anything else.

Also, the modular design of these wells is not prefabricated.  This allows us to create the width and projection to fit your needs, instead of us trying to fix a molded and pre-sized structure to your house.

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