Slim / Fixed Casement


Slim Fixed Casement

Slim Fixed Casement

The Slim Fixed Casement window does not open but comes with a narrow frame to create a distinctive look and maximize the glass viewing area. Slim Fixed Casement windows can be ordered in any architectural shape and curve to make custom designed creations possible and incorporates structural and thermal chambers for superior strength in large openings.  Each window is designed and manufactured to your exact specifications.


Fixed CasementFixed Casement

Fixed Casements windows create spectacular window effects in a home. Our Fixed Casement windows do not open and are designed with a structural frame to accommodate larger openings and can be combined with other windows styles to create an elegant expanse of glass. The classic contours of the frame are designed to match the size and appearance of our Casement and Awning Windows for an attractive and uniform look and operational versatility.


For a list of internal and external colours, please see our Classic Design Windows page.