Vinyl Window Well Covers


Vinyl Window Well Covers

Some basement windows reach below ground level, especially when the window is an Egress Fire Escape Window.  Those windows need window wells which are mainly metal and have had the same look for the last 100 years.  Those wells can be an issue for fire escape because they get filled with dirt, leaves, snow, rain, pests, etc…  To solve these issues, we are bringing to Canada, Vinyl Window Well Covers.  Our Vinyl Window Well Covers can improve the quality of life inside any basement and add to the look of your house.

They can serve you in a few ways:

  • Protects from animals that try to enter into your wells
  • Stop leaves and dirt from filling up the well
  • Allows air flow into the well and sunlight to penetrate the cover at the same time
  • It can be easily opened from inside to allow fire escape (even by children)
  • It can be easily opened from outside to allow easy cleaning
  • Prevents snow from piling up inside the well

Vinyl Window Well Covers can be installed on top of any of our Vinyl Window Wells or on top and around any metal window well and can be customized to any size that you need.  The Vinyl Window Well Covers can hold up against our harsh winters and summers here in Canada and due to the sloped top, allows rain water to roll off the cover.

Our Vinyl Window Well Covers are made of 100% vinyl and 1/4″ tempered glass.  We have a variety of different sizes Vinyl Window Well Covers to match any window well.  Our Vinyl Window Well Covers are designed with your family’s safety in mind.

Our Vinyl Window Well Covers will hold up to 300 lbs (note: these covers are not shatterproof).  For added safety our Vinyl Well Covers are screwed directly into your exterior wall of the house.

Vinyl Window Well Covers

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