Casement / Awning




Casement windows are the most common type of windows for living rooms, bedrooms and almost any room where you want a large view.  They offer an unobstructed view and open ventilation.  Our Casement Windows are perfectly designed for wide viewing angles with triple weather stripping incorporated into our frames and sashes.  We use the finest quality hardware to provide effortless operation plus our multi-point locking mechanism for maximum security.  These windows can open over 90 degrees for easy cleaning of both sides of the glass and to allow removal of the easy-clean screen for simpler clean up.



Awning windows provide usability and still blend in perfectly as a component of the home.  Awning windows allow the window to swing out and upwards from the bottom, letting air circulate freely, while providing a unique protective shield to keep rain out, and are normally hinged at the top.  Our Awning windows open up to a maximum of 45 degrees from the bottom letting the air circulate freely and still allows easy access to an easy-clean removable screen.  Awning windows are available in single, stacked, side by side or matched with picture windows, allowing you the creative look and function you need.


For a list of internal and external colours, please see our Classic Design Windows page.