Inside Hopper


Inside Hopper – The Egress Windowinside hopper

The Inside Hopper is the preferred Fire Escape Window.

The reason is because the sash swings in 90° and locks into the fully opened position.


The Inside Hopper Window has two hinges inside at the top corners and a locking mechanism at the center bottom.  To operate the window you turn the handle and swing the window in.

The window has holding points at 30° and 90°.  Usually the 30° holding point is used for air flow in and out and the 90° holding point is used for Fire Escape.

The screen of the Inside Hopper Window is on the outside to prevent you from ripping it from the inside by mistake.

The Inside Hopper Window is a Thermal Vinyl window with Low-e and Argon gas (Energy Star).

Being tilted towards the inside, makes this window very easy to clean, since when you fully open the window you can clean the outside while the window sash is swung in.

Size Limitations

Due to the specific function of this window for Fire Escape Exits, the sizes are limited to the following:

Width: 14″ – 54″

Height: 14″ – 36″

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